Animal Control

If you should need to contact Animal Control, please call the APD at 405-247-2411.  However, many of your questions may be answered in this FAQ.

Q:  I'm new in town, what do I need to do to ensure my pets (dogs & cats) are legally registered?
A:   The process is fairly simple:
  • Bring the vaccination record from your veterinarian, showing each pet is current on rabies vaccinations to City Hall during business hours. 
  • Bring your current photo ID.  
  • Bring the registration fee - $5.00 per pet
  • You will receive a tag for each pet.  This tag must be attached to your pets collar and the collar must be on your pet at all times.
Q:   What are the requirements for keeping my dog outside?
A:    If your dog is not in a fenced enclosure, s/he must be on a leash.  Your pet must have access to food, water and shelter.

Q:   What if my pet is missing?
A:    Contact Animal Control at the APD immediately.  If your pet has been picked up:
  • You must present a photo ID to retrieve your pet
  • You will be charged a $10 pick-up fee
  • You will be charged $1 per day that your pet has been at the shelter
  • If your pet was picked up and was not wearing his/her collar with current tags, an additional $10 penalty will be assessed and you will have to provide proof of current vaccinations
  • You may be ticketed for other violations that were incurred
  • If you do not pick your pet up from the shelter within 3 business days,  After 3 days of impoundment, ownership of your pet will be transferred to the City, and you may not be able to get him/her back
  • Pets are released M-F, between 8am and 4pm only, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
Q:   I found a dog/cat and turned it in to Animal Control.  If the owner is not found, I would like to adopt it.
A:    That's awesome!  There are a few things that have to be established/accomplished prior to adoption.
  • You will be able to proceed if the pet has been unclaimed for 3 business days.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must present an ID showing your current address
  • The Adoption Fee of $25 is actually a deposit to ensure sterilization of the animal.  This will be refunded if you provide proof of sterilization within 60 days of adoption
  • You must ensure your pet is given a rabies vaccination and obtains/wears the city tag
  • You must provide proper care for your pet
  • Please Note:  Animals will not be adopted to a person with a history of losing, giving away, selling or having animals injured while in their care.  Further,  we will not adopt a pet to a person who offer misleading or fail to provide accurate information.
  • Our animals come from a variety of sources.  We cannot guarantee the health of animals adopted from our shelter.  We will accept the return/surrender of a pet up to 10 business days following an adoption for any reason.  You must present a valid id to surrender a pet.
Q:     How many cats/dogs can I have at my residence?
A:      If you have more than 3 cats or dogs, you must have a kennel license (for pets 8 weeks of age and older).  You may obtain this at City Hall.  

Q:   I would like to donate to the animal shelter.  Is there a way to do this?
A:    Absolutely!  We appreciate all donations, monetary or product.  Please contact the APD and we would love to assist you!

Q:  What about other types of pets?  Are they allowed in Anadarko?
A:   The answer is possibly, based on the type.  For example, poisonous snakes are not allowed under any circumstances to be kept as pets in the city.  However, some smaller animals, such as rabbits, chickens, ferrets, etc, are allowed, but there are some terms you will need to be familiar with under the City Code.  Click this link to be directed to the code.  It is a searchable document.