Randlett Park

ParkThe 38.6-acre Randlett Park was named after Col. James R. Randlette, who was administrator of the Indian Agency in Anadarko from 1899 to 1905. The City was founded in 1901, and during Col. Randlette’s term at the Agency, he secured land from the government for a park that became the present Randlett Park. Actual park development started between 1901 and 1905, before Oklahoma Statehood.  

Randlett Park, a designated Historic District, has seven structures that have been nominated to the Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory. These structures are the National Guard Armory, the 1908 Hydroelectric Power Plant and Dam Complex, the 1926 Municipal Pool, the East Automobile Entrance Brick Archway, the Southeast Play Area Archway, the Croquet Court Sign, and the C.R.I. & P. Railroad bridge piers. In addition, the Municipal Swimming Pool and the Hydroelectric Power Plant and Dam Complex have been identified as being of immediate National Register quality.

Elephant SlideCurrently, the park boasts a splash pad, playground equipment, walking trails and 35 RV hook-ups.  The city tennis courts are located at Randlett Park, as are the softball and baseball fields.  

In 2017 local citizens donated peacocks to the city.  These residents live happily in their own peacock paradise at the park.  Stop by for a look at these lovely creatures.  PeacockTurtles, ducks and geese also call the park their own, so enjoy watching them while you are here.Peacock Signage

The City of Anadarko is proud to host "Hoppy Days",  "Honor America" and "Zombies in the Park" at Randlett Park each year.  Hoppy Days is held the Saturday prior to Easter, the Honor America festival is the Saturday prior to the 4th of July, and Zombies in the Park is the Saturday before Halloween.  Come join us and enjoy our hometown hospitality at its finest! 

Hoppy Days Collage                 Honor America Collage