U.S. Post Office

U.S. Post OfficeThe US Post Office, located at 120 S. 1st Street is a lovely building, constructed in 1935.  Formerly the Kiowa Indian Agency, it became the Post Office in 1947.  The former name of the facility is still listed on the east side of the building.

In 1936 Oscar Jacobson, the man in charge of the WPA projects for Oklahoma commissioned Stephen Mopope to paint 16 murals for the newly constructed building.  Mopope was assisted by James Auchiah and Spencer Asah.  These three men were part of the renowned "Kiowa Five", a group of artists known for their depictions of American Indian ceremonial and social life.

Take a moment to stop in and look around.  You won't be sorry you did!  The murals, starting at the northeast corner of the room and moving east are:
           1.  Two Men in Council
           2.  Two Eagle Dancers
           3.  Fancy War Dancer with Cedar Wood Flute
           4.  Scalp Dance
           5.  Individual War Dance Drummer
           6.  Indian Mother and Child in Cradle
           7.  Eagle Whip and Flute Dancers
           8.  Two Women and Child Watching Dancers
The remaining panels start at the north side of the Post Office Lobby from right to left down the west wall (North to the Kiowa's was called the winter side, and the south the summer side.)
          9.  Buffalo Skull with Crossed Arrows
        10.  Medicine Man's Shield and Lance
        11.  The Deer Hunter
        12.  Kiowas Moving Camp
        13.  Kiowa Camp Site
        14.  Buffalo Hunting Scene
        15.  Buffalo Hunter's Shield
        16.  Fresh Buffalo Head

Historic Post OfficeIn 1987, representatives of the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas worked to restore the paintings to their original glory.