Anadarko Memory Lane Cemetery

cemeteryOne of the greatest and more beautiful projects was the induction of the Memory Lane Cemetery. The Department of Interior donated 40 acres to the City of Anadarko in 1902 for a city cemetery. Memory Lane was then established by the city council to preserve the memory of our loved ones. On June 23, 1902, City Ordinance No. 30 was passed and approved to allow the City of Anadarko to build and maintain an astounding cemetery for the citizens of Anadarko.

Section 2 and 3 of City Ordinance No 30. states:

“The cemetery trustees shall have general supervision of the city cemetery with powers to sell lots and name the price therefore, and shall have the powers to expand monies for the maintaining, improving, beautifying and caring for said cemetery property and grounds. A fund is here by created and designated as the cemetery fund which shall be kept by the city treasurer as other monies and all monies received from the sale of lots, in said cemetery, shall be placed in said fund and separate accounts of the receipts and disbursement of such money shall be kept by the city treasurer”. This allowed the City of Anadarko to create its own “Cemetery Department” and this department is responsible for all activity within the cemetery. The department has a vast number of duties including the upkeep of the cemetery, the opening and closing of graves, and the sale of allocated lots within Memory Lane. The cemetery is maintained for the interment of persons of all races and also has designated lot spaces for war veterans.

Bell Tower, Cemetery There have been many improvements made to the cemetery through the years. One such improvement was the Bell Tower. The tower was built in 1983 in memory of State Senator Don Baldwin. Senator Baldwin was a native of Anadarko and represented Caddo County and the State of Oklahoma from 1948-1976. He was influential in state government and championed any project that would improve the economy and beauty of our city.

*Hours of the cemetery are from 7:00 a.m. daily until dark.* For any questions pertaining to the Cemetery Department, please call 247-5662. Memory Lane Cemetery is located at 2324 South Mission Street.

Please click on this link for a permit ,to open and close a grave at the cemetery. A permit is also needed to erect a monument in the cemetery. 

The rates on the opening and closing and the sale of lots are as follows: NEW RATE EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2019

Lot Sales:

1 grave space (5’ X 5’) is equal to $350.00 
1 NON-RESIDENT    $600.00

2 grave spaces (10’ X 10’) is equal to $600.00
2 NON-RESIDENT$1,100.00

4 grave spaces (20’ X 20’) is equal to $1200.00

8 grave spaces (20’ X 20’) is equal to $2400.00

Opening and Closing of graves:

Adult Grave is equal to $350.00

Infant grave is equal to $200.00

Cremated remains is equal to $200.00

Disinterment is equal to $400.00
Weekend and Holiday burials are equal to $450.00
After 4:00 PM an additional $150.00 will be added to Opening & Closing cost.