Street Department

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The Street Department has a lot of responsibility within the city limits. Covering nearly nine square miles, this small crew remains busy keeping our city streets clean and drivable. The duties of the department include clearing limbs and obstructions from roadways, patching and repaving roads, and clearing debris from alleyways. The department also works with the Police Department in clearing any debris on the streets caused by accidents.

The Street Department frequently works in a support capacity to help other departments maintain the city’s vital infrastructure, including water, sewer, and electric services. This cross-departmental support helps the City of Anadarko operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Other duties of the department include maintaining sanitary storm drains throughout the city.

We are also pleased to inform our patrons of city garbage roll offs provided by the street department where our customers can take any excess waste. Unfortunately, the department can not pickup or accept old appliances or construction remains.

To reach the Street Department please call 405-247-2483.
Roll -Off Hours : Thursday  through Saturday 9:00 to 6:00 PM Closed for lunch 12-1